What’s a “Real Man”?

“Real man”? 
As men, we need to understand we are born with both female and male energy, for us to be a sane and all round balanced individual, we must hone our female energy that we are all born with.
 “What?! I ain’t no woman!”… 
…some of you guys are saying now. 
No, this does not mean a man must wear a skirt and do his hair in pigtails in order to do this -_-, it simply means taking your foot off the “I am a Man, bow down to my manliness” pedal and just be…simply just be, for you are a being of divine light that has chosen to experience this physical world as the male aspect of the whole.
As men we need to be careful, as we hold the dominant physical energy, when we go out of balance things/people get hurt…sometimes badly

The female energy is more generous and loving in nature, you’ve known this since you were a boy, going to your mother for a cuddle whenever you felt down or unsure about something. After that cuddle you’d feel refreshed and ready to go on with your day with a spring in your step. Or receiving money from your Nan (winning!).
That’s what the female energy does, it makes everything a little more beautiful

The male energy is more hard and more about power and leadership, we need those energies too of course, but too much of it results in sizing up each other’s sausages over every little incident or disagreement…next thing you know…fights,war, destruction…because of the lack of balance in energies.

Balance yourself by knowing a “real man” is about knowing when to use the dominant male energy and when to realise a more loving touch is needed..
…honouring your Devine feminine side.

Balance is needed in all things, including our “Manliness” 




You don’t wanna hear this I promise you
So keep scrolling and go on with your day.
I’m serious.
Ok well I warned you…

*How To Desensitize A Nation To Violence *
I’ve lost count of how many of you have said things like this over the last few days
“Humans are evil”
“Humans are sick”
“I hate humans”
“I’m ready for the apocalypse”
“What is the world coming to!”
I understand why you don’t know where this human behavior has come from but ill enlighten you 

NOW maybe you understand why so many “animal lovers” are always saying they prefer animals, to humans, animals don’t bring this destructiveness to our planet and lives 
 IF this world ended you could be %100 sure it was humans fault since we are the dominant animal 

ONE of the main reasons we don’t seem to care if other countries have civilians killed, but do care when its civilians close to home, is because we’ve been desensitized to violence towards others since we were kids…
…we just didn’t know it yet! 
THE way we slaughter animals by the billions, 150 BILLION A YEAR (including marine life) …
…I don’t think you heard me…
…ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY BILLION A YEAR yet there’s only 7billion of us?? 
Oh by the way now you know why there is world hunger…those 150 billion are being fed better than starving kids…fact…the REAL reason for world hunger, not a reason like it happened naturally like charities would have you believe (how much billions do the charities have now?)  

WHEN we were kids we were fed images of “happy cows” and smiling chickens in adverts and cartoons. That isn’t the truth I’m afraid. Just like the Tooth Fairy isn’t real
DID you even know cows are constantly raped for their milk? 
You just read that last paragraph but don’t actually care, and are already justifying rape in your mind,Coz you love the taste of cheese, even though I just said female cows or goats are RAPED for their milk -_-  

THATS proof of how desensitized we are to violence to anyone (yes I’m referring to animals as people too like you do with your pet) that isn’t family like a pet, or a civilian that lives near us, we don’t care that the animals are getting skinned alive daily and raped daily because we don’t SEE it, we don’t care that innocents are getting massacred in other countries because we don’t SEE it

BUT hear this…
…ALL humans have a heart, hence why no one enjoys seeing these animal slaughter videos because your heart knows that animals feel TERRIFIED and PAIN just like us, and you feel it’s wrong because it’s REALLY HAPPENING unlike a horror movie which is just a movie. How would you feel if you saw someone cut a dog’s head off? 
Bad right? 
I bet your heart sunk when you read, “someone cut a dogs head off”…

THAT’S how we should feel about all animals but we’ve been desensitized to think that some matter less than others. Just like its been ingrained in to us that some PEOPLE matter less than us when we should care about ALL people…see the link?! 

HUMANS are not “sick” by choice, it’s a system that has made us so. We care less about others that we don’t SEE, which creates the apathy in us
THE selective grieving that goes on proves it 
I’M serious when I say the following because lately I’ve come to the truth…
ALSO I DON’T NEED TO HEAR YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE ANIMAL HOLOCAUST WHICH HAPPENS DAILY, although it would prove my point about how desensitized THE SYSTEM has made us since we were kids
IT’S NOT YOUR fault, I never blame anyone coz I used to be in “The Meatrix” oblivious to the clear links in human behavior and food and animals and stuff my face full of dead bodies like a zombie who just follows and eats flesh.
 IT’S the environment we’ve grown up in which has desensitized us to not care about others feelings and that some things are “necessary” for the cause… 
LIKE its “necessary” to pay women less and not allow them to vote because woman are inferior 
 “necessary” to bomb Iraq and their innocent civilians 
“necessary” to kill Gaddafi (they didn’t like that he was starting an African currency)
 “necessary” to kill Blacks because blacks are not human 
“necessary” to kill Jews because Jews are inferior 
“necessary” to kill and eat animals because we need protein (I’m not even gonna start on that, but people live without flesh just wonderfully)
ALL this is ONLY made possible through “The System’s” brainwashing that stirs up a feeling in you that a certain group are inferior to you so killing them is ok as its “necessary” for a certain cause 

It’s all hate that has filled our brain with “knowledge” that it’s not hate but “necessary” 

Oppressing others is never “necessary” 
Killing innocents is never “necessary” 
LISTEN to your heart more…the mind can be manipulated much easier than the heart. 
IF I may add some spiritual talk for a second?! 
WE are all born with 7 main energy points in our bodies called CHAKRA. They begin at the base of our spine to the top of our heads. They all serve a purpose in bringing us health and clarity creativity etc in to our lives 
When these become blocked, so do certain feelings or attributes in us 
All these chemicals and heavy fleshy foods we eat block and confuse our energy flow
From our base chakra to our hearts to our crown (above head) for example 
Changing your diet will bring a new CLARITY to your world that you didn’t even know was there, so you may not feel any of what I said because your energy centers need a detox as they are probably blocked!
 What we eat can either numb us down or raise us up 

Not everybody in the world is blessed with a choice of lifestyle, this post doesn’t apply to them 
But in our society we are blessed with choice…
…and karma is real 

Peace Begins On Our Plates  

p.s I told you you wouldn’t like this w



*Food/Drink/Life Tip*
No matter what food you are eating, you can make the meal more healthy and even taste better by doing one small yet powerful action…

…tell your food…

…either in your head…


…or out loud…


-You appreciate it,

-Respect it 

-Or love it (not love of taste love for its helping you live) 


May sound weird (diddums), but everything is made up of energy (chi)  

So projecting your positive energy in to your food (or drink) will go right in to the cells and energy centers of that meal and start to remove any negative energy it may have. 


Who would choose to eat negative energy when they can eat positive energy instead?


You have the power my friend 🙂


Negative energy never feels good, you know when you’ve seen the aftermath of a car crash or a parent screaming at their child, the energy feels bad and makes you feel uneasy isn’t it. 

If we don’t purify our food with good intention, our food will taste like that negative energy (bad after taste), and literally be less nutritious, may not hit you straight away, but it’ll be inside your body.This is why you sometimes eat something that makes you feel great, then eat the same thing next week and it makes you feel crappy…depends on the energy that food has been receiving from its start to its end which is in your mouth
We get what we give out
If you read this, you were supposed to read this, there are no coincidences 
Your Boi Tiger 
Opening You Mind To What YOU Can Do 


My First Banana Island Detox!

Hello everyone, so I can’t believe I did 7 whole days of eating nothing but bananas! Sheesh, two years ago I never would of tried this, but since connecting more with nature over the last year or so, this decision came very natural and coincides with my new understating and appreciation of the absolute beauty of nature 

Here are some quick facts about this fruit with the funny name👇🏾


**When you do this, it’s important to make sure your bananas are ripe, meaning they must have brown spots or patterns on their skin not too yellow**

I’ve broken down how my experience went in to sections, so you can easily see how I felt each day . Done in a note form

Day 1

Money Spent – £3 

Bananas Eaten – 20

Thoughts – its hilarious to me that I’m only going to eat bananas!

No washing up to do is a nice change

 Went to bed 00:30 but struggled to fall asleep! That never happens to me, the energy was flowing through me, took me about an hour and a half. I reckon it’s because my body wasn’t used to that amount of bananas in one day! 😳🍌

Day 2

Money Spent – £1

Bananas Eaten – 16 (1 fried)

Thoughts – Our bodies burn off banana calories SUPER quick, you go from feeling fine to hungry out of nowhere

The bananas I had straight after dance class felt a-maze-ing, not sure why, but just felt better then any other time I ate ’em

Had one fried banana just to add something different to my day…was nice 
Day 3

Money Spent – £1.50

Bananas Eaten- 21

Thoughts – Still amazed at how quickly this food digest

Permanent fresh breath is a nice and welcomed bonus! I don’t have that feeling we get throughout the day (including mornings) that I need to brush my teeth, my mouth always feels fresh so far

Loving how this diet makes life simpler, we spend so much time thinking about what food to eat, buying ingredients, taking it home to cook it, or waiting in a queue to buy a ready made meal eating waiting for our food to digest. Then thinking what to eat for the next meal and so on. So you literally save time on this diet, I mean, how long does it take to eat a few bananas?? Not long!

Day 4 

Money Spent – £2

Bananas Eaten – 24

Thoughts – I’m finding this diet easy to do

I’m starting to understand why people who have done this diet speak of having an improved “oneness” with themselves. I really am starting to feel in awe of how this earth provides all that we need to live.  

Living can be so simple, if you let it.

Eating only one type of food, has made me see even more clearly that there is an abundance of choice for us to eat, which I’ve been experiencing since becoming a non-animal eater anyway, but now I feel it in a more visceral way

Feeling very proud of the discipline I’m showing by doing this diet, most who do this diet add greens (spinach etc) to their meals…but I’m hardcore I wanna experience this fully😋
Day 5

Money Spent -£4

Bananas Eaten – 26

Thoughts – Feels great to know I’ve not been eating toxic waste over the last 5 days 😎

Absolutely no problems with my stomach, nothing feels uncomfortable in my body in any way 

Really hungry today for some reason, maybe because I exercised hard today

Feeling very relaxed 

I have more appreciation of how different foods help you in different ways. A deeper knowing that food really does affect your mood, your energy, your drive for life and all in between. 
Eat Fresh Feel Fresh 

Eat Dead Feel Dead 
How many times have you eaten so much that you say “I can’t move”? Food isn’t supposed to make us feel that way, it’s a means of getting us through our day, not stopping us from living!
Day 6

Money Spent -£2

Bananas Eaten- 22

Thoughts – Noticed I don’t get as thirsty as I used to, not even close. Therefore I must be more hydrated than usual. Bananas are %74 water, no doubt that’s the reason my body is happy to be hydrated like this. But, this also means you will do a number 1 in the toilet more often than usual 

Looking forward to eating some different foods in two days, as amazing as this is. But I’ll definitely be eating more “raw foods” as the benefits are so good…

I’m noticing:

Never feeling tired throughout the day only at night 

clearer and smoother skin  

No anger

No worries 

Lost some fat off my body ( not that I was fat) 

Saving money 

Have more time in the day 

Improved eyesight 

And more 

Day 7

Money Spent £4 (had to buy from an expensive shop -_-

Bananas Eaten – 26

Thoughts – Here it is! Last day! I did it! 

I’m proud of myself , I clearly have the discipline of a level 99 Ninja 
One of my aims was to lose some fat, was interested to see if I could be more chiseled and look more like he-man in just a week…

…well I do 💪🏾

I Lost one stone in a week!!! 


And still have my muscle size as I work out some days (surely everyone who’s healthy works out a bit right?)

So yes, if you want to lose some fat/flab/weight, this diet will do that

If you don’t want to lose so much weight then eat more bananas…simple! As you read, I didn’t eat so much throughout the day, the norm for this diet is 30 a day, so if you don’t wish to lose too much fat then eat 30 a day…simple! 
As weird as it sounds, I feel a relationship has formed with bananas, like a new friend. This is more of the “oneness” and appreciation of nature that comes through this experience. I can’t even call it a diet anymore…it’s an EXPERIENCE

I will always respect how magnificent this food is and recommend everyone to eat them! You will truly get to know how your body reacts to food and when and how much you need to eat 
Until you try this you will not truly understand how amazing fruit is for our bodies 
After finishing this week, I’ve started to see food differently, I don’t put any food in to my mouth now without thinking ” is this really going to benefit me?” . Great feeling, even sugary foods are getting less of a look in 
Thanks for sharing in my experience I hope this can help some of you who are interested in taking a vacation on..



Kazakhstan Though Part 3

 You know some of streets here in Kazakhstan are rocky, when you gots to wear climbing boots just to walk on the “flat” roads…-_-

Being like the only “black” guy in the city here (apart from maybe 4 others lol) people often ask for picture with me. Was a funny moment for me when a guy took a  selfie knowing full well I was behind him going up the escalator just to get me in his pic…so blatant that I laughed out loud for that one …kinda like “BWAAHKDTWUTATTA!” 
Ok not that crazy a laugh, but out loud still
I got abducted…(I mean taken by my own free will) and taken to the mountains one day, chilled and had a bbq by some trees. Man, I was feeling all relaxed to only be informed later that the insects on the trees and bushes can KILL you 
…wait…let me make this face longer…
-____________- !
Thanks for the late info FRIENDS! Sheesh!
I was leaning on trees like they were my friends…but nah…them trees will kill a man in 4 secs flat!

Moving on.

There seems to be no superiority complex amongst the religions here (mainly Muslim country) nobody is walking around like they are better than you simply because of their faith…it’s very chilled 🙂 

Hold on let me repeat that



Back to dance!!!
Enjoying teaching my classes, loving my students,(haven’t forgotten my London students they are my heart) they help me with my Russian…I use them for practice lol. The way I just unleash a new Russian word/sentence I learned the night before in class for them to be like “oooooh” hehe
Loving this Asian dish called sumyan
(Spelt wrong I’m sure)
The summer here is great! HOT everyday!  It’s rained in my few months here maybe twice that I can think of so it’s great summer weather
My Russian Speaking…
Just finished a 10 day course In speaking Russian, so now it’s time to go straight in and talk to people in Russian. IM GETTING THIS LANGUAGE JUST WATCH hehe. I know the alphabet and can understand people more and more
Backtracking to people looking at me…it’s a big LOL. On one occasion, actually yesterday. I was walking home from a restaurant with my friends, after a few minutes we saw a family across the road…they looked like aliens %]^|€$aageu why? Because of how they were very…extremely…eerily… quiet…BUT, their heads were following me as I walked, just their heads though. Like their bodies were stuck but their heads were on B.M.R
Umm and…Im sooooon to be teaching and performing in front of 10,000 people
 …to be continued 


Welcome to my latest words on a screen…also know as “blog” I believe 
From a young age I’ve felt like I’m going to change the world in some huge positive way. Don’t know how, but I FEEL it, and as we all know, we shouldn’t ignore our feelings we should trust them.
Sometimes I feel I’m going to BURST  with creativity!
So much so that I have to sit down because it’s hard to do 101 things at once right? …yeah I’d say that’s too much at once
This feeling I feel, is located not just in my brain, but around my whole body. I’m a dancer, I use my whole body a lot, so I’m guessing whatever this HUGE thing is that I’m going to do, will involve dance in some way?
I feel strong, I feel powerful, I feel like I can fly.
*tries to actually fly…fails*
I’m going to change this world for the better!  I feel like I’m chosen for something seriously great

Now as soon as I can understand where to focus this feeling I’ll let you know!
Does anyone else have that feeling like they are going to just burst from all the ideas in their head? From all these different energies swirling around inside their body? If so, let me know so we can talk about these strange feelings of POWER!
I’m sure this is happening to me so strongly now, because of my awareness of coming into a Higher Consciousness


This state of a higher consciousness has come to me from two polar opposites
1. Thinking a lot
2. Not thinking at all (Meditation)
I see you world…
…and I’m coming for you!
But not sure when…*face palm*


Hello Sir/Madam/Kid, I’m happy you are interested in this post about dance! Here is my definition of a “Dancer”
• A person who loves to dance, and practices the art of dance with the goal of improving their level •
Here are some points that I believe will make you a better dancer.
How you ask?
These points will help you understand what to, and what to not, focus on, while you dance this wonderful journey of a DANCER. 
1. DON’T compare yourself to other dancers. You will NEVER dance like them. Time is precious so work on yourself instead
2. DO understand that whatever it is you find easiest and most NATURAL to do, is your specialty. Yes, we all do something others can not do as well
3. DON’T ever tell yourself you can’t do a particular move or routine 
4. DO stretch before and after you dance 
5. DON’T believe that you are a certain type of dancer. You are a dancer, period, full stop
6. DO practice a lot . Either by taking classes with good teachers or jamming (practicing) with good dancers or even on your own
7. DON’T idolise another dancer


8. DO be inspired by another dancer 


9. DON’T forget that dance makes you feel good and is fun 
10. DO let the music move you. The other way around will look inorganic 
11. DON’T let your ego tell you not to bother practicing anymore
12. DO research your favored dance “styles” . For there are always things we can learn from the plethora of information available online,                          or through other dancers
13. DON’T forget to be a nice person by sharing this post! 
Dance Is The Story Of Our Lives
Peace and practice 
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The Meaning Of Life Explained 

The meaning of life is that there is no “meaning” , only moments, moments of now, and even those moments of now, are not felt in the “now” as they are instantly sent to your past  
Searching for a “meaning” will only add stress to your being, don’t do that to yourself
You choose how to spend your moments, you create them,you control your destiny.
 There is no Future as it can not be seen or touched, there is no past as it is now gone and only lives in memory, you must therefore make every moment in your Now be for your benefit and well being 

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      *Wakes up in the middle of night and starts typing*

      First thing we “Black” people need to do, to not be seen as 2nd class people 

      Or stupid👇  

      Or people who don’t love each other 👇


      Or “aggressive” 👇


      And actually be respected…?👇  

      Makes us look so stupid (in my opinion)
      There is TOO much BLOOD,SCREAMS and TEARS stamped on this word
      Stamped with fire and steel👇 
      From the slavers using this word to put us down …down in to the dirt👇


       …to the point we believed we didn’t deserve anything…not worthy of being literate or even wearing shoes. Believing there was no point of educating our children. Coz they are also “just nig*as”, until we lost HUNDREDS of years of not educating our children.
      Black slave trade is “over” and what do we do? Continue the slavers work by calling ourselves that word smh. 
      They are laughing at us from their graves (or hell even). That word should of went out with our chains. 
      But apparently we are “keeping it real” by calling ourselves this. Makes us “strong” “we changed the meaning” haha…no -_-. That word is TOO HEAVY to be changed like alacazam! abracadabra! Shablaamaoo! 
      No one would of respected Martin Luther King if he started his famous speech like 
      “I have a dream niggas, that one day…” -_-
      The word comes from the Spanish word negro. Meaning black . So you could say, “oh I’m just calling my friend black” or “I’m just saying black”…no you’re not, don’t lie, know why?
      If a white person called you the “N Word” you would most likely start a fight or at the very least tell them they can NOT say that word
      Or If you bought a black pen from the shop and it said “nig*a” on the side, you would cause an uproar like…wtf?! “Nig*a pens?!” 🙈
      You see, coz if something is bad…then It’s bad! That’s it
      So it’s not the same feeling as the word “black” or “brother” 
      It’s far too HEAVY. I’ll say again, too much BLOOD, SCREAMS and TEARS stamped on this word
      We use this word in entertainment for example, so much so, that some people across the world think it’s normal and say it thinking it’s cool. 
      I experienced this when I was living in Asia for almost a year. I was called nigga maybe every week
      It’s not their fault for thinking this, if they live in a country with next to no black people…
      …to tell them otherwise that the word is not liked by us all. So either everyone should be able or no one at all. I like the latter option. 
      Saying that, looking further back on this word. It actually comes from Africa…meaning queens and kings. So if we are saying this to each other with that meaning, then everyone should be allowed to call each other this word as no one should be offended…but we are…you are offended if a non black person says it!
      Chris rock the comedian says the “N Word” is like poetry! Pffft 
      I mean, are we just a joke for the world? Poetry?…I just can’t. 🙉

      Krs 1 the legendary emcee says describing the word things like “my nig*a understands the oppression!” “my BROTHER is cool too, but he’s off to college he’s living a good life” “but my “NIGGA, he understands the PAIN”

      What The F__K?? 

      So if you’re black, go to college and have a “good life” you are not real.

      You don’t have to call yourself a “Nig*a” to UNDERSTAND the struggle we’ve been through and the oppression.
      When we say this word, we are saying it in my opinion with the mind of a slaver…meaning…saying it like we don’t think we are worth anything. Not even college apparently (see above video). It’s a negative word, I already showed how you would feel if you saw the word in a shop…
      I like the word “brother”. It doesn’t separate us, coz anyone can be my “brother”, and I myself don’t see anyone as…

      “just a nigga”

      P.s if you wouldn’t call your mother or father the “N Word”, then you should know it isn’t a term of endearment 

      Wait hold on! …you read all of that?!

      Thank you Sir or Madam

      *Goes back to sleep*